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5 Reasons why you should make New Year’s Resolutions in September

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For some of us, New Year’s Resolutions are the only goals we ever set. Even though goals are the only way of reaching your full potential. 
Throughout my life I’ve noticed that I generally tend to make the most of my life changing decisions and changes during the month of September. And, as you’ve probably noticed, we are half way through September already. So after compiling my new list, I got down to thinking about WHY I always set goals this time of the year. As it turns out, there are 5 great reasons why September is the perfect time to set (and slay) some goals.

[1] Change of season

Where I live, September marks the start of Spring. The world around me goes through an obvious shift: the bare branches are transformed into sticks of candyfloss and neon green leaves push through to the sunshine. Your body will naturally be in sync with these changes – you start swapping coats for dresses, crave less cups of hot chocolate and you want to go out more during weekends.

Your body is already going through a seasonal shift, so this is actually the perfect time to start implementing change in your daily life as well. It is also a great time to make health goals, as the warming weather will constantly remind you of lounging next to the pool… in your bikini… A daunting thought for some of us and all the more reason to start now!

[2] The pressure is off

 If you’re anything like me, you hate setting goals for an audience, because it just adds pressure you don’t need. And why are you doing this anyway? For you or for them? Because you’re not making your “New Year’s Resolutions” when everyone else is, the pressure is off! You can really focus on setting goals that suit you and not the people around you.

People won’t be asking out about your goals, too. So, if you slip up the one week, there’s no one to bash you about it – you can just get back on track without facing the embarrassment of having failed just a little. Which, in turn, insures that you keep going back to that goal until you can tick it off the list.

[3] It’s proactive

Let’s say you started breaking bad habits and building healthier ones in September. By December, you will naturally slip here and there thanks to the festive spirit doing the rounds. But not to worry, because everyone around you will also be lounging about, stuffing their faces with rich food and guzzling down champagne.

But when January arrives, everyone will frantically start compiling their New Year’s goals from scratch, while you simply have to fall back into the healthy routine you already established for yourself. So, technically, you’re being proactive.

[4] It’s realistic

People generally tend to be well rested and super positive after the holidays. A disaster ground for setting up new goals, because they won’t be realistic. You might bite off more than you can chew and this can lead to frustration which can lead to you throwing in the towel altogether.

By September the majority of us are a bit run down and tired. But by setting your goals during this time, you will ensure that you set smaller, more achievable goals. If the new year approaches and you feel well rested, you can always build out your existing list of goals and add harder or newer ones.

[5] Because New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit, anyway

Deep down, you know it’s true. I mean, let’s face it: half of the time these resolutions are made in a drunken stupor and you can hardly remember your own name over the blinding headache you have the next day. So, yeah, I call bullshit.

If you’re really serious about achieving things in your life, whether it be in the realm of health, wealth or relationships, you have to be willing to do it at any given time of the year. This also means that you can start changing your life any time of the year! Seems obvious, but it’s a liberating realization.

Try to pinpoint the time that you feel the most inspired and motivated. Maybe it’s during meditation or in the gym. Maybe you feel like changing your life when it’s 12 am, who knows? The timing doesn’t really matter, as long as you actually pen down your dreams and break them up into achievable goals.

3Need at least 3 ratings

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